Our Mission is to connect small businesses with customers through social media. We do this by educating business owners on how to effectively utilize social media platforms to expand their network and grow their presence. 


When I started my own business in 2017, social media resources for small businesses were almost non-existent, unless you had a significant amount of money set aside to pay a professional. Most start up small businesses don't have that kind of cash. I sure didn't, but I knew if I wanted my business to grow, I needed social media to help me. 


I spent the better part of two years researching and educating myself on all things Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I listened to industry experts on podcasts, attended conferences, learned about the importance of storytelling and followed social media gurus across multiple platforms. I also made a lot of mistakes. Ultimately, I learned how to capitalize on the platforms that worked best for me and watched my business take off.

Not only did my business grow, but I quickly realized after helping one local small business with their social media woes, that I had found my true passion. There is nothing I love more than being able to share my knowledge and watch other small businesses grow and succeed through effective and efficient social media marketing.

Carrianne Ekberg

CEO & Founder, EConsulting