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What Our Clients Say
"Carrianne and her team were always there for a message or phone call and really listened to our vision and ideas. They took our conversations to the drawing board and came back with gorgeous content! The team worked tirelessly to make sure every detail was perfect and would not settle for "good." They take pride in their work and really made our organization a priority, ensuring that everyone was PERFECT."
Ali J.
"The services Carrianne and her team provided were absolutely value added! We've already made several changes that have resulted in a much higher rate of engagements on Facebook and Instagram."
Mike P.
"I was feeling extremely overwhelmed and there is so much to learn with social media. I feel that Carri E. had so much knowledge and has helped improve my social media presence more than I ever could have expected."
Theresa K.
"Working with E.Consulting PNW was delightful! Carrianne did a great job of educating our team on all social media platforms and we felt thoroughly supported throughout the process."
Jessica S.
"I had a listing appointment yesterday- the seller told me they were interviewing 2 other agents...but when I walked outside they texted me and said they were canceling their appointments because they had seen my marketing on social media, and felt like they knew me.⁠"
Lynea Carver
"Carri provided me with much needed training on videos for social media. The video portion alone will help me for years to come! The newsletter she created for me was a hit and everything was so easy for me during the launch of my new business. I would definitely recommend EConsultingPNW to anyone looking to launch or re-launch their business on social media."
Glenn A.
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